Allied Power Products, Inc. - The winch and hoist specialist

This custom built "marine-grade" salvage winch system is one of Allied Power Products, Inc's (APPI) recent solutions for use pulling "spuds" and broken pilings from a barge.

With pulling capacities of up to 12,000 lbs on each winch drum, these winches can reach line speeds in excess of 72 fpm, when pulling, and 314 fpm in reverse. Each drum offers of up to 360 feet of 1/2" wire rope storage.

A key started, turbo charged 56 HP diesel engine powers this hydraulic system. The winches on this system are driven by a high-efficiency planetary reduction with rapid reverse. Speed can be metered in both directions with a directional control valve. Special features on this unit include a 100 gallon hydraulic reservoir, 12 volt battery pack, throttle control, high temp/low oil shutdowns and a fuel gauge.


CAUTION: The final determination as to the suitability of this product for any purpose is solely that of the user.
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